Each project is priced from the ground up. No two projects are exactly the same and there are many variables that affect our cost, and hence the fee we would charge. Some of those variables include: whether we will use our system to key the data or connect to your system; how many entries can be processed on average per hour; whether you require any or all fields to be verified by a second operator (double-key); whether you are providing scanned images or hard copy; turnaround requirements; volume of transactions; whether the project is ongoing or a one-time project; the amount of manager time needed to train operators and manage production; the complexity of the project; and others. Unit prices have been as low as 7 rupees per record and as high as 1500 rupees per document.
In general fees are charged on a per unit (document or entry) basis. This is the simplest for everyone to understand and assures you are not paying for inefficiencies. It is also easiest to audit when you receive each invoice. In general, we try to bill based on the lowest common denominator, which could be a line of text, a transaction, or document. In very rare circumstances will consider an hourly billing.
This depends on the nature and complexity of the project, the number of people needed, and the amount of programming required, if any. In some cases, we have been able to start a project within 3 days of signing a contract; in others perhaps 2-3 weeks, but for very large projects, we may be able to get started after 2-3 weeks, but require a reasonable ramp-up period to allow for the addition and training of staff to assure an orderly transition. For small and ongoing projects we can also start the work immediately upon getting work order.
If we are to use our system, we have to develop a custom interface in our data entry system to match your document, building in sufficient processes to control accuracy, and enhance productivity. For most projects of moderate complexity, this cost can range from Rs. 50000 – Rs. 200000. Very infrequently there may be other start-up costs, which would be discussed with you in advance. Even there are some projects which we can start using no special setup which doesn’t requires any setup charges to be paid.
We will consider all projects, regardless of size. Naturally we prefer ongoing projects but will also undertake one-time projects of size.
Yes. We do have several projects requiring us to monitor the customer’s online queue of work flowing in, and to process each document within a specified time period. This is a bit more challenging depending on how the work flows in.
Yes. Our data entry operators work different schedules, and many of them prefer weekends. Some holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, are more challenging to achieve full production and may entail a surcharge to incentivize the operators.
Primarily Indian, We have a Indian work force ranging in size from 40-100 operators at any given time, depending on work volume. Most of our work is done by our Indian operators. We also have a long-term relationship with an offshore partner for a small number of projects, based on client preference and/or the nature of the projects. In some cases offshore operators will perform the initial data entry and Indian operators will key-verify their work.