Data Entry Quality


Perhaps the greatest benefit of doing the work on our system is the ability to control our quality data entry. Accuracy is essential and expected. Old-fashioned, after-the-fact sampling and proofreading, is costly, slow, and equally subject to error. Instead, Oracle Services builds quality into the process, using automated verification methodologies and programmed procedures. We strive to achieve the highest degree of accuracy possible using the methods best suited to our clients’ project specifications, their personal requirements, and cost budget.


Field Validation: When we design the data entry program for each project, we use field validations extensively, along with table lookups, formulas, and data-type restrictions. This includes standard or custom check-digit formulas, city, state, and zip code lookups from Postal Code tables, as well as any type of customer-specific data (for example, vendor or customer lists, and product or parts lists).

Re-Key Verification: When accuracy is critical to forms processing, selected fields or entire documents can be re-keyed. This applies to recognized text from OCR/ICR/OMR engines, as well as data that is keyed. After data has been keyed once (or recognized), it is keyed again by a second independent operator. As each keystroke is made, the system flags any differences, which are then verified and corrected by the second operator, or sent to a third, senior-level operator for resolution.

Address Correction & Verification: Undeliverable mail is an additional expense no one wants to undertake, especially organizations handling large direct mail programs. To reduce this cost and assure the cleanest address data possible, we utilize CorrectAddress® by Intelligent Search Technology, Ltd. to verify, correct, and format the addresses entered in accordance with USPS CASS standards. As each address is keyed, it is instantaneously validated against a database of all current US addresses and normalized to USPS mailing standards.

As an add-on, be sure to ask how we can append latitude and longitude to your address records based on the Zip+4. This lets you determine which of your business locations is closest to each person in your database, which is a valuable tool for any business owner.


Quality is important–that’s why Oracle Services strives to ensure all work is completed by the finest operators we can find. We collaborate with operators throughout the nation, as well as an offshore partner, all of whom have excellent English language fluency. Most of our operators have been with us for years; some since the beginning, resulting in a highly skilled workforce, first class service, and of course, better data entry quality.

Contact us today to request more information about our standards regarding data entry quality. We serve businesses and other clients throughout the nation.