Data Entry Services

Discover the difference a team of experienced data entry operators can make in the way you do business. Whether you manage a five million-record direct mail program or are simply looking for help with an ever-growing pile of physical documents, Oracle Services is ready to help. Let us help you get organized with accuracy, speed, and quality.


Data Entry: Many contemporary clients now prefer that our operators key directly into their key-from-image system using a secure internet connection. There are significant advantages to this approach:

  • You don’t give up control over the physical documents, scanned images, or the keyed data.
  • You skip the hassle and cost of round-trip shipping of hard copy to us.
  • There is no need for us to create a custom template in our system, accelerating project implementation and reducing overall cost.
  • Work is done in real-time and is instantly available to you on a record-by-record basis, instead of waiting for a file transfer of stale data.
  • You no longer have to hire, train, and manage the data entry staff. We do all that for you.

When we use our own system, our operators perform online data entry over a private network using a powerful key-from-image interface we customize to your project. This is the more traditional approach and offers the benefit of greater control over data quality and consistency through the use of automated tools and programmed procedures, such as address validation and correction.

Internet Research: Building a database or online directory regarding a certain product, service, or trend? Ask our operators to gather information from specific sites–we’ll provide the resulting data in the format of your choice.

Contact us today to learn more about our data entry services and how we can put them to work for you. We serve businesses and other clients throughout the nation.